how to polish petoskey stones


mr.mohs: My area got hit hard w/rain! But thru the genius of the Hohokam Indians, the grade of land caused all that water to bypass the homes & flow into the Salt River...mostly Sept 9, 2014 16:42:49 GMT -5 *
Shotgunner: I hit a "pre-estate" sale today. Dude ain't dead yet. Saving his descendants the headache. Look for some cool sh\t. PM coming. Sept 9, 2014 20:50:01 GMT -5
RocknCritter: Nice write up with lot's of good info. Another way to consider Depth of Field is "the amount of focus depth".. Lower aperture numbers mean less area. Higher numbers equal more. Also a change in focal length will alter the amount of DOF. With identical aper Sept 10, 2014 6:27:22 GMT -5
Fossilman: Geoff,I use to sell scrap metal in North Dakota,before moving to Oregon....Did pretty good for just scrapping..Thumbs up Sept 11, 2014 8:40:35 GMT -5
nowyo: Woo hoo! We got us a couple inches of global warming overnight! Sept 11, 2014 9:22:11 GMT -5
rockpickerforever: Russ, could you send some of that this way? Could use it about now... Right now I'm looking forward to the next mini ice age. Sept 11, 2014 14:52:05 GMT -5
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wampidy: hahahaha I just noticed that and came here to comment. I just feel older like when I turned 90. Nap sounds good but I have a lot of projects going now so it will have to be a short nap. Sept 11, 2014 15:50:29 GMT -5
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Shotgunner: new seller, polite replies. Nice. Sept 11, 2014 17:19:35 GMT -5
Shotgunner: Nothing better than the sound of the slab going 'clunk' at at the same moment the saw shuts off. Sept 11, 2014 21:21:31 GMT -5
Geoff: Thanks for trying to keep the heat off me everyone :P Sept 11, 2014 22:13:10 GMT -5
wampidy: Well dude, you are not forgettable and would hate to see a great father torn away from his beautiful babies so he could do hard time or community service. Plus you post some cool s..t. How are the babies by the way? When I see your name on here it reminds Sept 12, 2014 8:26:06 GMT -5
wampidy: me of the photo of you and your daughter at the flat lap polishing rocks. Best photo of the decade. Sept 12, 2014 8:27:02 GMT -5
Geoff: Those kids are obscene with their cuteness. Makes me want to throw up. :p Sept 13, 2014 16:31:15 GMT -5
wampidy: hahahahaha Sept 13, 2014 21:53:32 GMT -5
broseph82: Met a lady at my kids baseball game who is a former rockhound from Washington state. She said she had a bucket full of Adventurine that she would let me pick my fill from. Sept 14, 2014 16:20:22 GMT -5
Fossilman: Nice! Sept 14, 2014 16:32:34 GMT -5
mr.mohs: some guys have all the luck ;) Sept 14, 2014 18:06:52 GMT -5