How to tumble rough Ruby Sapphire and Others


drocknut: I understand that, grapefruit juice does not mix well with lots of meds. Mar 29, 2015 17:41:38 GMT -5
lparker: It does mix well with Black Velvet Mar 29, 2015 18:42:42 GMT -5
Shotgunner: Mike, winter is the season to grow potatos in SoCal. Lettuce greens too. Tomatoes are a perennial here. Plant once and harvest for years. Just cut back the plants at the end of winter for new growth in spring. Mar 29, 2015 18:53:48 GMT -5
Fossilman: Damn,that's the way to grow Scott........................ Mar 29, 2015 20:41:22 GMT -5
mr.mohs: grapefruit & Black Velvet! now that's good medicine :D Mar 30, 2015 10:07:50 GMT -5
meviva: I just signed up for a cab class…it starts today….I'm so excited!!!! Mar 30, 2015 13:02:48 GMT -5
drocknut: WTG meviva, hope you have a great time. Mar 30, 2015 14:57:26 GMT -5
Fossilman: Ed,Tequila is good medicine....LOL Mar 30, 2015 16:54:07 GMT -5
mr.mohs: right on Mike! bypass the grapefruit juice --straight to the hard stuff. at this age whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger...mostly P-) Mar 30, 2015 18:48:50 GMT -5
Fossilman: I'm not much on beer,hate the taste (bitter)....Will have one on a hot day though..LOL Tequila has always been my choice of liquor,when I drank...The bad thing about it,it makes you braver than you should be-LMAO.. Mar 31, 2015 11:10:14 GMT -5
drocknut: Does tequila really make your clothes fall off like the song says? Mar 31, 2015 11:43:43 GMT -5
catmandewe: Oh yes, and sometimes it is not a pretty sight! Mar 31, 2015 14:52:05 GMT -5
catmandewe: It also makes my motorcycle go faster Mar 31, 2015 14:52:33 GMT -5
mr.mohs: all the above and Montezuma Revenge :-/ Mar 31, 2015 16:59:45 GMT -5
bsky4463: Hey Mohs...saw your shout out in an earlier thread. On the coast for another month then back to MT. Not on the forum as much when I am out here. Thanks for the "heart"-felt howdy from the Superstitions. Cheers Mar 31, 2015 17:57:05 GMT -5
Fossilman: Catching any fish,while you are out this way??? Mar 31, 2015 18:01:44 GMT -5
drocknut: LOL Tony Mar 31, 2015 21:17:18 GMT -5
bsky4463: Fossilman- yes steelhead fishing has been good, now targeting springers Mar 31, 2015 22:16:39 GMT -5
bsky4463: tequila makes EVERYTHING go faster! Mar 31, 2015 22:17:10 GMT -5
mr.mohs: Yo Andy! Agave worms salt lemon - things start (rofl) fast... Mar 31, 2015 23:06:50 GMT -5