How to tumble rough Ruby Sapphire and Others


jakesrocks: On the bright side Ed, the nut case shooter is dead. Tax payers won't be supporting him for the rest of his worthless life. Oct 2, 2015 16:56:18 GMT -5
rockpickerforever: , you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. Mostly. Oct 2, 2015 18:09:44 GMT -5
mr.mohs: ;) Oct 2, 2015 18:10:55 GMT -5
spiritstone: Driving north, rain and snow mix is falling. Old man winter is back. Oct 3, 2015 8:26:52 GMT -5
jakesrocks: Hush yo mouth. Don't wanna hear that W word yet. :D Oct 3, 2015 9:09:45 GMT -5
Fossilman: Day three of my "Sciatica" acting up-it's kicking my butt pretty good!!!!!! Oct 3, 2015 9:12:11 GMT -5
rockpickerforever: Winter is fast approaching here. Got below 70 degrees for the first time since...April maybe? Oct 3, 2015 9:16:38 GMT -5
mr.mohs: the cacti are shivering.. there pulling in their needles for a bit of warmth...mostly Oct 3, 2015 9:30:17 GMT -5
mr.mohs: sorry about the sciatica! That's a tough pain! a person was here using the inversion board for that condition. they were seriously hurting Oct 3, 2015 9:56:35 GMT -5 *
Fossilman: Getting some what better,the other day,it was a 10!!! Now about a 6 or 7.... Oct 3, 2015 10:02:22 GMT -5
drocknut: Glad you're getting better fossilman. Definitely no fun having that kind of pain. Oct 3, 2015 10:44:55 GMT -5
jakesrocks: Slow & easy Mike. Being laid up is a pain, but those rocks will be waiting for ya next spring. Oct 3, 2015 12:27:22 GMT -5
Fossilman: Yes I over did it the other day-had a VA app. for my shoulder.. I couldn't miss it either, took three months to get in! (Crazy huh).The next day, I was back to square one!! Taking it easy today and yesterday! Oct 3, 2015 12:35:16 GMT -5
mr.mohs: does anyone know chris tiner? ? hasn't logged in since March. He's on Facebook. I don't have a FB account. I need a plumber. If anyone could contact let him know the rock'n heart guy would like to chat. Thanks! Oct 3, 2015 15:30:11 GMT -5 *
Fossilman: I'll check for ya' Ed.. Oct 3, 2015 15:47:38 GMT -5
Fossilman: What is his real name-that's the only way to find him on F/B...Can't use nicknames anymore.. Oct 3, 2015 15:50:55 GMT -5
mr.mohs: He as his FB link in his RTH profile. Not sure that works? Thanks Mike! Oct 3, 2015 18:17:46 GMT -5
mr.mohs: whhhooohhoooooooo... just got back from don'Jose! summers gone !! I'm eating again! Oct 3, 2015 18:19:57 GMT -5 *
Fossilman: GIT R DONE Ed!!!! Oct 4, 2015 9:57:04 GMT -5
mr.mohs: O YEAH!!! haven't eaten at don JÓSE for months... weather cools.... bring on the food! Oct 4, 2015 10:14:42 GMT -5