Sanding and Polishing an Obsidian Slab


europast: Lucky people live in Oregon - the rest of us just wish we did! Jan 28, 2015 20:45:03 GMT -5
Fossilman: Montana comes so close though.... Jan 28, 2015 22:55:10 GMT -5
wampidy: Wyoming is best of all if you do not mind going back in time 200 efin years. Jan 29, 2015 7:12:01 GMT -5
nowyo: Hell, Jim, that's the best part. Jan 29, 2015 14:25:43 GMT -5
Fossilman: LOL,North Dakota was that way too....Some times that is a good thing... Jan 29, 2015 20:42:56 GMT -5
captbob: Anyone hear from Maryann ? - I was thinking about her and hope she is doing well. Jan 30, 2015 7:34:41 GMT -5
drocknut: Captbob, she was at the bbq, I think she is even in one of the pictures posted but was facing away from the camera. She says she is doing well. Jan 30, 2015 10:12:24 GMT -5 *
captbob: Thanks Diane. Very glad that she is staying involved with this group of Krazies. :) Jan 30, 2015 17:16:50 GMT -5
1dave: Note to all - Rick's wife was just operated on because of a brain aneurism. Jan 30, 2015 18:59:07 GMT -5
1dave: He said she is doing well considering everything. Jan 30, 2015 19:00:42 GMT -5
rockpickerforever: Thoughts and prayers for Rick's wife. I hope she has a full and speedy recovery. Jan 30, 2015 19:04:03 GMT -5
lynnj44: Can someone tell me how I can post photos?? no luck download small size, url from Flickr no luck either. Jan 30, 2015 19:32:44 GMT -5
snowmom: lynnj44 try photobucket, there are some stickies posted about how to do it on the forum boards. Jan 31, 2015 6:59:37 GMT -5
snowmom: prayers for Ricks wife and all his family. keep us posted. Jan 31, 2015 7:00:47 GMT -5
Fossilman: Prayers going out to Rick and his wife...Amen Jan 31, 2015 12:58:31 GMT -5
lynnj44: snowmom: tried photobucket, only can post the url, not the actual image Jan 31, 2015 15:09:57 GMT -5
Fossilman: Tammy and I seen Willie Nelson lastnite on the coast...Still awesome at 82 years old!!!!! Jan 31, 2015 15:34:27 GMT -5
1dave: Jan 31, 2015 21:54:49 GMT -5
superioragates: Man do I love Oregon coast weather....its taken some getting used to...but I do love it Feb 1, 2015 0:09:47 GMT -5
snowmom: lynnj44 keep trying, you'll get it. The visual tutorial helped me learn how to do it, and if this old dog can learn, so can you! when you post the link in the window, the photo doesn't show up until after you hit the button to post. Feb 1, 2015 5:00:34 GMT -5