Tumble Polishing Obsidian


mr.mohs: you & I both Scott... I just prepped some work for tomorrow...last chance grind for awhile...new opportunity in the work dept.......wish me luck.... ::) Nov 21, 2014 18:36:22 GMT -5
snowmom: coffee is good. Best of luck with the job situation Ed. no fair to talk about cutting without show and tell you guys. Nov 22, 2014 7:25:26 GMT -5
mr.mohs: I still have a 1/2 hour before I need to leave...maybe I can get a little rock grinding in... Ha Ha Nov 22, 2014 7:57:50 GMT -5 *
mr.mohs: did I play hooky ? I'm grinding all day long...all nite if I could... P-) Nov 22, 2014 14:40:10 GMT -5 *
Shotgunner: dang, I sliced a lot of rock today. Nov 22, 2014 23:38:00 GMT -5
ilyakubus: ooh I can SHOUT E_E Hey, I'm new, how's everyone doing? :D Nov 23, 2014 23:09:15 GMT -5
joejansal: hi guys, just bought a genie, have never done rocks before. you members probably see all my questions on seashells. I have a 2 wheel cabber that I make my wampum cabs on. need to know where to buy practice thin slabs. thanks joejan Nov 24, 2014 16:18:40 GMT -5
bhiatt: well tonight at 8pm is when the verdict goes public about the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, St Louis. Im curious to see what happens. National Guard is ready again. I hate to say it but I think it might get bad again for a while with the hood rats. Nov 24, 2014 18:38:04 GMT -5
bhiatt: I live due east 20 miles from Ferguson but Im in honky tonk town. Not worried. There is some hit list,lol, and Collinsville, IL., the next town over was on the list. Cant remember the exact spot that was listed though. Nov 24, 2014 18:40:21 GMT -5
Shotgunner: stay safe Brad, stay safe. They shoulda announced yesterday during NFL while it was pouring rain. Scheduling the announcement so far in advance seem to invite bad actors. Nov 24, 2014 19:05:30 GMT -5
bhiatt: yep. I agree Shotgunner. Now the crowd is gathering on the main street in Ferguson. Gonna last all night. TV is all local news covering it live. Better not cut into my Two Broke Girls lol. kidding Nov 24, 2014 19:35:34 GMT -5
glennz01: about a week away from final polish on all 80 or so lbs of my rock Nov 24, 2014 23:45:00 GMT -5
Shotgunner: In Florida arsonists may be shot and killed, not much pillage there. Missouri should consider taking Florida's lead. Nov 25, 2014 17:02:06 GMT -5
bhiatt: yeah they were trying to keep from that happening. Not one shot was fired by police or the national guard last night. Tonight may be different. The news was reporting seeing lots of guns in the crowd. I guess they think even more rioting if the cops start Nov 25, 2014 17:46:08 GMT -5
bhiatt: shooting back. There were hundreds of gun fire shots last night in Ferguson. 21 fires. Nov 25, 2014 17:47:07 GMT -5
bhiatt: hundreds of nation guard for tonight. Them ghetto boys creep around in the shadows. Its hard for them to catch them. They throw them fire bomb bottles and run of and the building goes up in flame quick. Nov 25, 2014 17:49:42 GMT -5
bhiatt: 2200 national guard, 700 police officers. Ew Raw! I shure hope they shut them pant sangers down tonight. Nov 25, 2014 19:13:49 GMT -5
mr.mohs: pant sangers (rofl) Nov 25, 2014 22:44:13 GMT -5
bhiatt: dang looks like New York has bigger protest going on than st Louis. Nov 25, 2014 23:20:05 GMT -5
Fossilman: A bunch of fools! Nov 26, 2014 0:02:30 GMT -5