Chicago Electric Vibrating Tumbler


mr.mohs: today turned into clean up day ;-| later edcrisp'n w/beef (cheers) Oct 11, 2014 12:17:31 GMT -5 *
drocknut: Haha Russ and Jean. Jim I'll bet you can try but my mom doesn't know where I stashed it. Mine, mine,'s all mine! Oct 12, 2014 14:54:11 GMT -5
drocknut: So sorry to hear about Ralph, prayers for you and your family Maryann. Oct 12, 2014 14:55:06 GMT -5
wampidy: I was right, it is there. I will just get your mom out of the house, burn it down and dig through the ashes. Okay, maybe not but you better keep an eye on it. Another way would be to take your mother to dinner then excuse myself to go to the john. Oct 12, 2014 21:06:46 GMT -5
wampidy: Damn that is one beautiful piece of the earth AND I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO HOLD IT. You were too smart for me. lol Oct 12, 2014 21:07:58 GMT -5
hornseeker: Just plugged in my QT12 and am tumbling my first batch of rock!!! Oct 12, 2014 22:50:06 GMT -5
Fossilman: Slabbing rocks today............. Oct 14, 2014 14:01:10 GMT -5
hornseeker: Wish I was...need a saw!! Oct 14, 2014 14:44:09 GMT -5
drocknut: Lol, Jim. If I had let you hold it I would never have gotten it back. You did get to see it close up. Oct 15, 2014 11:38:26 GMT -5
mr.mohs: cut it in half & share (doh) Oct 15, 2014 20:34:58 GMT -5
wampidy: no no no I have no claim to it. She found it fair and square. Oct 15, 2014 21:08:25 GMT -5
mr.mohs: o.k. I was just playing the role of the Judgment of Solomon...mostly Oct 15, 2014 21:51:03 GMT -5
Shotgunner: You guys just stop bickering over a little blue rock. sheesh!! ;) Oct 18, 2014 12:00:43 GMT -5
mr.mohs: grinder where you taking us? P-) Oct 19, 2014 9:25:02 GMT -5
rocktard: OK, ....where is my listings, I tried to add my pictures using the add attachment, it kept on saying the file was to big. Oct 19, 2014 9:32:00 GMT -5
kimx5: Need help..have done everything to the rule week after week ...just took stones out after polishing process ...they look lovely while wet but they lose their shine when they dry out ...what have I done wt Oct 19, 2014 12:29:56 GMT -5
kimx5: Ooopppss. ?.what have I done wrong I was going to ask ? Oct 19, 2014 12:31:59 GMT -5
Fossilman: kimx5-go to the "Total Rock Tumble" site on this forum,you will get tons of help there...Not many people visit the "shout" page....Thumbs up Oct 20, 2014 9:36:32 GMT -5
mr.mohs: only the mostly...mostly ;) Oct 20, 2014 10:51:57 GMT -5
Fossilman: He said he would,I said he wouldn't,but they thought he did,it turned out,he could have..............LMAO Oct 21, 2014 9:15:14 GMT -5