Pacific NW Beach Agate Hunting


Rockhobbit: While most count down the days till Christmas, I count down the days till Quartzsite! LOL Oct 8, 2015 11:55:23 GMT -5
jakesrocks: Ya Ya Ya. Diane can drive all the way to Montana, but can't come next door to South Dakota to say hi. :P Oct 8, 2015 12:25:27 GMT -5
shotgunner: Diane go say hi to Don. I bet hE'd like a hug from a young woman. Oct 8, 2015 15:35:31 GMT -5
jakesrocks: Dang, if a young woman hugged me, I'd probably keel over dead. (rofl) Oct 8, 2015 15:54:35 GMT -5
mr.mohs: on the 12th day of Q my true rock pal gave to you started something Sheri :D Oct 8, 2015 16:39:32 GMT -5
drocknut: Sorry Don, I'm renting a uhaul trailer and only have 5 days to get it back and turned in in Arizona. Wouldn't want you to keel over ya know ;-) Oct 8, 2015 20:32:43 GMT -5
mr.mohs: don't overload that trailer with too much rock weight... rolling into Q ? Oct 8, 2015 20:51:17 GMT -5
jakesrocks: Heck girl, I was gonna load ya up with 3 or 4 buckets of rock, and all the fresh hot coffee ya can handle. And Jake was gonna wash the road dust off your neck & ears. (mario) Oct 8, 2015 20:59:20 GMT -5
shotgunner: Dang Diane, if Don were to really step up and offer a nice home cooked meal, you would HAVE to go! Oct 8, 2015 22:31:00 GMT -5
jakesrocks: Maybe my chicken n rice dish. Everybody who's tried it likes it. Oct 8, 2015 22:42:21 GMT -5
jakesrocks: Night all. Gonna hit it early tonight. Oct 8, 2015 22:43:45 GMT -5
drocknut: Well geez Don, you sure make it hard for a girl to pass you up. Can I get a raincheck on the rocks, coffee, dinner, and Jake wash? Oct 9, 2015 8:54:14 GMT -5
drocknut: Ed, not going to Q just yet. Going to my mom's with this trailer. I'll have to be careful about the weight in the trailer for sure. Oct 9, 2015 8:55:03 GMT -5
jakesrocks: Rock on Diane. Rockers are always welcome here. No raincheck needed, but a quick heads up a couple days in advance is always appreciated. Oct 9, 2015 9:34:38 GMT -5
mr.mohs: are you posting from the road Diane? let us know your locations.. Oct 9, 2015 10:54:19 GMT -5
drocknut: Will do Don, if I ever get up your way. Oct 9, 2015 21:48:38 GMT -5
drocknut: Yes Ed, posting from Montana right now. Will be back on the road tomorrow headed south again. Oct 9, 2015 21:49:28 GMT -5
mr.mohs: o wow-- how many miles is it to Montana? Oct 9, 2015 21:52:20 GMT -5
drocknut: It's about 1100 miles. Oct 9, 2015 22:00:26 GMT -5
mr.mohs: that's a haul! can you do it in with a 1 night sleepover? Oct 9, 2015 22:14:44 GMT -5