Can anyone tell me what Amber is?


rockpickerforever: Welcome! You may introduce yourself in the "Visitors and Members" section here link Jul 20, 2014 17:50:19 GMT -5
1nickthegreek: Good morning RTH'ers!!!!!!!! Jul 21, 2014 10:45:59 GMT -5
bonnielou: Very central new jersey. Enjoyed viewing rock/minerals pic that i could actually id as have same. Jul 21, 2014 22:08:54 GMT -5
drocknut: Just stopped by to say hello. Jul 22, 2014 13:55:57 GMT -5
nowyo: Well....hello\ Jul 23, 2014 8:45:55 GMT -5
Fossilman: Hi ya'..... Jul 23, 2014 9:25:15 GMT -5
wampidy: Oh Hell. Just found out today that my son has to have a major surgery (10 to 12 hours) on his leg that was crushed. The first surgeon screwed up and one break has been healing but not together. They have to grind the bone and start over plus take all the Jul 23, 2014 17:29:05 GMT -5
wampidy: old hardware out that is in there. Lump on the front of his leg is the muscle coming through the sack to the outside under the skin. This doc told him it was going to be hell and he will be in the hospital for a week but he will shoot hoops when he is heal Jul 23, 2014 17:32:05 GMT -5
wampidy: ed Jul 23, 2014 17:32:08 GMT -5
wampidy: It sucks but there is only one choice and all of us here are going to have to buckle down and handle it. Jul 23, 2014 17:33:47 GMT -5
catmandewe: ouch! Jul 23, 2014 22:47:25 GMT -5
Shotgunner: 10-12 hours of SURGERY??? poor dude. I hope all turns out well. Jul 24, 2014 11:06:17 GMT -5
wireholic: Oh that sucks! Will keep him in my prayers Jul 24, 2014 11:34:43 GMT -5
Fossilman: Not good Jim... Jul 24, 2014 16:28:24 GMT -5
nowyo: Aw crap. Knew that might be coming but was hoping for the best. Tell him to hang in there. Jul 24, 2014 23:31:36 GMT -5
rockpickerforever: Wishing you and your son the best, Jim. Jean Jul 25, 2014 15:31:05 GMT -5
1mofo: I'm new to this page how do you post something or ask for tips or help ? Jul 26, 2014 19:25:28 GMT -5
catmandewe: you just did Jul 26, 2014 21:24:10 GMT -5
linus: bobby1: I placed a message for you to ask for a copyright. Please read my message since I know no other way to contact you. Jul 27, 2014 5:37:07 GMT -5 *
drocknut: Jim, sending prayers for your son and your family. Jul 27, 2014 16:16:20 GMT -5