Chalcedony Sponge


wampidy: I'll have you know that I am fearless as long as I am not in the vicinity of ANYONE MALE OR FEMALE learning to pull a trailer, especially if it is a fifth wheel. How big Diane? Hope you like it. Apr 20, 2014 13:58:44 GMT -5
drocknut: Thanks Ed, right back at ya. Hope your Heart heart rocks their world. Apr 20, 2014 14:24:25 GMT -5
drocknut: Lol Jean. I'm going to practice the backing for sure. Jim, I wouldn't hit ya, at least not hard. ?.lol Apr 20, 2014 14:26:25 GMT -5
drocknut: Jim it is 19 feet inside so about 22feet Apr 20, 2014 14:27:22 GMT -5
mr.mohs: nice rig Diane- slow to roll-- my best advice-- and rock on --of course ;) Apr 20, 2014 16:01:14 GMT -5
wampidy: Same as mine. I like this size. Do you have your shop set up in yours yet? It is possible you know if you are a minimalist. Apr 20, 2014 20:00:31 GMT -5
rockpickerforever: Mine is same, 19' inside floor length, but more like 22 or 23 feet overall. Dual axle, toybox (drop down back door). How 'bout yours, Diane? Have you posted pics yet? I could have missed them... Nice size for two bodies and one dog. Apr 20, 2014 20:44:56 GMT -5 *
drocknut: Yep good size especially with just me and Gypsy. No Jim, no shop yet, haven't even been to the storage unit yet to get my bed sheets..too busy visiting in missoula but I'll get there. Jean, mine's not a toy hauler but is dual axle. Just posted pic. Apr 21, 2014 9:48:53 GMT -5
mr.mohs: > :D muttering...I got screw' umbrella crank spun it gears...Philip heads screws just strip out... trying to repair......need easy out...we've had this discussion.... don't have it made in the shade (:)) Apr 21, 2014 12:30:09 GMT -5
wampidy: Mine is listed as a 22.5 feet but I have not measured the inside. I'll bet that I am the only one with a bath tub which comes in handy for the dirty cloths hamper. I can not imagine why anyone would want a bath tub in a travel trailer. It would take half Apr 21, 2014 19:09:44 GMT -5
wampidy: the water tank for one bath. Apr 21, 2014 19:10:02 GMT -5
wampidy: The verison jet pack works excellent for internet. I get 5 gig for fifty a month but I have not gone over 4 gig yet and I watch a lot of the weather channel videos. Apr 21, 2014 19:13:23 GMT -5
wampidy: Verizon. Apr 21, 2014 19:13:45 GMT -5
rockpickerforever: A bath tub, that's funny Jim! I have just a shower, but it ends up being extra closet space. Comes in handy for storing all those goodies bought in Quartzsite! Apr 21, 2014 19:15:11 GMT -5
wampidy: If I keep this trailer I am going to take out the tub and make a cabinet out of half of the space. If I need to soak my feet (or head) I have a plastic tub for that. Apr 21, 2014 22:13:51 GMT -5
mr.mohs: fyi-going to fix my umbrella with a hose clap! Rock on! Ed Apr 21, 2014 22:23:23 GMT -5 *
halitedigger: Apr 22, 2014 18:19:43 GMT -5
drocknut: Made it to Helena. Had to head back before the predicted storms hit. Looks like I may be testing the insulation sooner than I had hoped. Send warm thoughts please. :) Apr 22, 2014 20:36:03 GMT -5
drocknut: Mine is a shower only too but does have a little bit of a bathtub that is being used as a trash bag holder right now. Will try to get pics later. Apr 22, 2014 20:39:09 GMT -5
drocknut: Jim, I am currently using something called fox fi through my phone for internet. Thought about getting the jet pack but going to try this with my current data plan before I shell out more money. Generator is top of the list right now. Apr 22, 2014 20:41:56 GMT -5